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Boxes for sewing items. Practical containers for sewing items. Various sizes, colours and decoration techniques.

NAME Dimensions [mm] PHOTOS
N-0 240x135x200 N-0 N-0 N-0
N-0A 240x135x200 N-0A N-0A
N-1 280x160x240 N-1 N-1 N-1
N-1B 280x160x240 N-1B N-1B N-1B
N-2 280x160x240 N-2 N-2 N-2
N-3 280x160x240 N-3 N-3
N-4 320x180x260 N-4 N-4
N-4A 320x180x260 N-4A N-4A
N-4B 320x180x260 N-4B N-4B N-4B
N-5 400x200x320 N-5 Niciarka N-5
N-5A 400x200x320 N-5A N-5A
N-5B 400x200x320 N-5B N-5B N-5B
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The "TAG" is a firm which manufactures high quality craftsmenship articles of art. We offer: sand timers , chess , wooden fancy goods, souvenirs.